NJB Shock using the internal two stage bump stop which increases the resistance for a further 10 millimetres and allows softer springing


NJB Ultimate Shocks on a Trials bike mounted the traditional way up and fitted with a half chrome cover to give a more traditional appearance without sacrificing performance


These Ultimate Shocks have the traditional exposed chrome spring shocks required for sports bikes, or can be fitted with black and chrome covers


NJB Ultimate Shocks fitted to a racing bike


A comprehensive range of shocks specifically designed and manufactured to meet the differing conditions for scrambles, trials, road use and racing, in a choice of sizes, spring weights and damping

NJB Shocks owner Norman Blakemore with more than 60 years experience of riding off road, is still riding and building ever lighter bikes, but no longer competing

About NJB Shocks

NJB SHOCKS has now been in business for more than 35 years.

In 1990 Norman Blakemore took early retirement after 24 years in a number of technical capacities with GIRLING, at one time the premier motor cycle shock absorber manufacturer.

He took a specification developed by Girling with the leading works riders of the time, and never supplied to the paying customer, and after further development this formed the basis for NJB SHOCKS.

Again working with expert riders updated shocks for Motocross/Scrambles, road and circuit racing were developed, and finally a range of shocks for road bikes was introduced.

The aim has always been to provide a range of shocks developed specially for each discipline, of high quality, with reliability, at a sensible price.

The picture shows the proprietor testing the product in deepest Wales. “It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it.”

Our Shocks

Direct sales are made throughout the world and we have agents and distributors in several countries.

Over the years many changes have been made to specifications, reflecting changes in technology, riding styles, and customer expectations.

Most shocks are built to order and can be changed to meet any special requirements, and delivery times are usually short.

NJB Ultimate Shocks, performance matched by good looks, polished aluminium and no exposed threads

NJB Shocks – The Winning Choice

Our shocks are used by competition and leisure riders all over the world
The videos below show a small sample of the riders who have successfully used our ‘ULTIMATE’ Shock, since its introduction

Dan Thorpe’s successes in Scotland were aided by his involvement in the NJB Ultimate shocks development

Dan Thorpe

Dan Thorpe won the 2019 Pre’65 Scottish Trial, was 2nd in 2018, on a tie break, and 3rd in 2017. Superb results for Dan, and well deserved.

Here you can see the Ultimate shocks in SLOW MOTION in a typical section showing how they help keep the tyre in contact at all times.

When James Lampkin rode the Pre 65 Scottish on the bike on which his father had won the main event fifty years ago they wanted the bike to retain its original appearance so NJB Ultimate shocks were mounted the traditional way and fitted with a chrome half cover

James Lampkin

James Lampkin rides the EDMC Pre’65 Two-Day Scottish on his 249 BSA fitted, of course, with the new NJB ULTIMATE Trials Shocks.

James won the Best Under 250 Award at the event.

Sam Appleton was involved in extensive testing of the NJB Ultimate Shocks from the beginning

Sam Appleton

Sam Appleton has been extensively involved in pre production testing of the ‘ULTIMATE’ scrambles shocks.

In his first meeting on the production shocks he won all five of his races at Maylandsea.

Trials and Scrambles

We have been very fortunate in getting experienced, in fact Champion riders involved in our development programmes.

The launching of production shocks at the Pre’65 2-Day Trial in Scotland was great success with class awards and top ten places, and the first batch of shocks sold out in short order.

These Trials shocks are a real step forward and give a ‘monoshock’ feel resulting from low preload, extra soft damping and the unique two stage bump stops.

The Scrambles shocks also had a winning launch, if not at such a high level.

Street Shocks

Perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to your road bike Street Shocks can also be used to add the finishing touch to your special, be it Triton, Tribsa, Brat Bike or Bobber.

These sometimes quite radical reworks can be let down by a failure to establish the correct ‘attitude’. A bike which is nose down, or tail high, spoils the all-important look that you are seeking.

Now, with’ ULTIMATE’ Street Shocks you can adjust the length of the shocks whilst fitted to the bike, and just step back for a look, until it is quite perfect.

You will not be disappointed with the performance, these ‘ULTIMATE’ shocks enhance good handling.

This bike uses the NJB Ultimate Shocks the traditional way up to give clearance for the unusual exhaust